Item2 Ltd's liability is limited to supply only. All mechanical and electrical
connection must be undertaken by an independent qualified professional.
Structural ceiling fixings must be tested before delivery and should each be
rated to carry treble the load of the chandelier supplied.
If you are unsure of the weight of your chandelier,
please contact item on 0(044) 1242 692455.

Maintenance: Physical inspection of the armature, electrical wiring,
steel suspension cables and all load bearing components should
be undertaken by a qualified professional every twelve months.

Only the suppled electrical flex, mechanical fixings and ceramic lampholders
should be fitted. When replacing the halogen bulb, take special care
not to touch the glass casing of the bulb with bare fingers.
The slightest trace of oily residue adhering to the bulb
will usually superheat within minutes and shatter the outer casing.
Always handle the bulb with cotton gloves or an impermeable interlayer
such as the polystyrene sheet that usually swaddles the bulb in its packaging.

The bulb must be positioned in the centre of armature, well clear of its metal interior.
On no account should the bulb or lampholder be allowed
to come into contact with the armature.

Kou may be cleaned using a damp lint-free cloth or feather duster.
Stubborn stains are best removed by light abrasion with aluminium oxide sandpaper.
Take care not to overstress or twist the spokes during cleaning as this could
compromise the integrity of the fixing.

Each Kou armature is individually numbered, tested and certified
to safely carry the relevant load. The steel suspension cables are rated for 99kg each.
The armature has been treated with graded primer safe for 1000 salt hours
and powder coated to protect against corrosion.

Kou is not designed to be hung in a damp environment and is not suitable
for exterior location or wet Zone I, II or II usage.

Item 2 Ltd cannot be held responsible for injury or damages incurred as a result
of incorrect installation, inappropriate treatment, or neglected maintenance.